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API: Real-time Nudity Detection

I wrote a simple real-time nudity detection api by implementing a algorithm from the web since i couldn’t find any real-time nudity detection solutions online.

Consume API at Mashape

It’s free and simple to use:-

curl --include --request GET '[IMAGE_URL]'\ --header "X-Mashape-Authorization: [YOUR_KEY]"

Then the service would return a response in JSON like this below

“result”:["Process completed in 3.4669 secs" ]

Invalid request will return blank or

“error_message”: “Cannot Connect to URL”

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Coolie – The remote sync tool

I’m releasing a small tool that i use to upload projects to shared hosting servers.

It called Coolie – Coolie means a person or a worker who carries goods in docs and stations

This tool aims to make your code syncing as simple as possible across various hosting environments.

Installing #

Go to your project root.

cd your_project

git clone git://

cd coolie

chmod +x

Configuration. #

Go to config file in coolie and change options according to your needs.

  • SSH_USER – The username on remote host
  • SSH_HOST – The hostname on remote host
  • SSH_KEY – The IdentityFile on remote host
  • LOCAL_DIR – The directory of your project on local machine
  • REMOTE_DIR= The directory of your project on remote machine Usage

./ –local

This will sync and download remote files to your local host.

./ –remote

This will sync and upload local files to your...

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