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API: Real-time Nudity Detection

I wrote a simple real-time nudity detection api by implementing a algorithm from the web since i couldn’t find any real-time nudity detection solutions online.

Consume API at Mashape

It’s free and simple to use:-

curl --include --request GET '[IMAGE_URL]'\ --header "X-Mashape-Authorization: [YOUR_KEY]"

Then the service would return a response in JSON like this below

“result”:["Process completed in 3.4669 secs" ]

Invalid request will return blank or

“error_message”: “Cannot Connect to URL”

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Coolie – The remote sync tool

I’m releasing a small tool that i use to upload projects to shared hosting servers.

It called Coolie – Coolie means a person or a worker who carries goods in docs and stations

This tool aims to make your code syncing as simple as possible across various hosting environments.


Go to your project root.

cd your_project

git clone git://

cd coolie

chmod +x


Go to config file in coolie and change options according to your needs.

  • SSH_USER – The username on remote host
  • SSH_HOST – The hostname on remote host
  • SSH_KEY – The IdentityFile on remote host
  • LOCAL_DIR – The directory of your project on local machine
  • REMOTE_DIR= The directory of your project on remote machine Usage

./ –local

This will sync and download remote files to your local host.

./ –remote

This will sync and upload local files to your...

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